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The Athlete-Student: Freshman Year

ISBN-13: 978-0692979242


Meet Michael “Tootie” Mayberry. He only has one dream, which is becoming a professional football player. As Tootie finishes up his senior year of high school, he faces the only obstacle between reaching his dream of playing in the NFL, COLLEGE….. As Tootie embarks on his college career, he’ll take you through his journey as he balances the stresses of performing at a high-level on the field and in the classroom, while also fighting through many other challenges student-athletes face.

1Sophomore Year-1.jpg
The Athlete-Student: Sophomore Year

ISBN-13: 978-0578614953

After a rocky freshman year that included outstanding production on the field, unsatisfactory performances in the classroom, an unforgettable breakup and a suspension from the biggest game in school history - Michael “Tootie” Mayberry is ready to demonstrate growth and maturity in his upcoming college sophomore year. However, while Tootie aims to improve upon a stellar season that made him a freshman All-American. He first has to rebuild a reputation that took massive blows stemming from a cheating scandal that landed him on academic probation. With his future of becoming a professional athlete hanging in the balance, how will Tootie respond to the increasing demands of being a student-athlete?




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