This story should be a must-read for student-athletes. I have seen many athletes make it. But I have seen even more fail. Then when I see them, they’ve got excuses about why they didn’t get their degrees or why they didn’t finish. Many athletes don’t realize the small percentages of people who actually make it to the next level. And they don’t realize what it means to have a sound backup plan. That’s why I think they need to read this book so that they don’t fall into the same pitfalls that others have fallen into. And having a backup is crucial.

Larry Rubama

Sports Reporter/Virginian Pilot


You have a knack for describing scenes with such clarity and detail, making a reader feel as though they've been transported into the scene. That's a difficult skill for an author to achieve, but it feels natural in your storytelling. Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work. 

Author Lauren Smith





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